I would like to persuade for persanl coumputrs because thare fun


Miss C
03/16/2013 10:07am

Great Job! Personal computers would be so great to have for each of us. I completely agree! Don't forget to close your sentence with a punctuation mark. Nice Job!

Ms. Monica
03/16/2013 10:11pm

Personal computers really help us stay organized. There is a down side too though, everyone expects you to be connected at all times!

Ms. Theresa
03/18/2013 7:35am

Personal computers would be cool! I am wondering what things you would do on yours. Any big plans?

Ms. Camille
03/18/2013 2:14pm

Rocco, you are not the only one who thinks personal computers are fun...the ENTIRE 6th/7th class agrees with you! I'm looking for some grant money to see if we can buy more for Creekside. Thanks for a great suggestion!

Miss Mindy
03/19/2013 8:45am

I think personal computers would be great, especially for second grade on up. Thanks for sharing your idea.


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